Sunday, May 15, 2016

Capital - Narana

Narana sat on the balcony, drinking her steaming uzari tea, gazing out at the sprawling metropolis that covered the entire planet. Shuttles and freighters passed by overhead, ferrying passengers and cargo. The smell of the planet was that of machines, quite different from the lovely bouquet of her home planet of Rasmirra.

The door chimed behind her, and she granted permission without a second thought. Her aide, a humanoid shaped android that had been painted in muted shades of blue, strode in. While she had no love for artificial creatures, she knew that his loyalty was unquestionable.

"Come here, Five, and tell me what you see." She motioned for him to approach with one wave of her hand.

Five approached, and made a pass with the single eye that sat in the center of his face. He spoke with a flat tone "This is the city of Capital, White Sector. Ambient temperature thirteen degrees Celsius. Wind speed is negligible. It is currently morning. There are approximately three thousand vehicles in the sky within local proximity. Is this sufficient information?"

She shook her head and smiled. "Ah, androids. Yes, Five, while the information is nice... how does the city look?"

"I am unsure of the parameters you desire. Could you please elaborate?"

"Never mind, Five. Never mind. Please pull up the itinerary for today."

She took a sip of the steaming tea as his eye light rapidly flickered between teal and dark blue.

"You have a meeting with Bhar Gustali in an hour, and the Great Council is holding a session four hours from now. It would behoove me to remind you that Bhar Gustali is not a man to be kept waiting, as we need those trade agreements desperately after last season's incident."

She nodded and took another sip, "Find a bottle of... what was it that his people enjoy drinking again?"

"Wine from the purdalla plums, mam, it seems to have a euphoric effect on his species."

"Yes, yes, find a bottle of that and have it set to deliver to the meeting room five minutes after my arrival."

"The mercenaries sent a transmission as they emerged from the jump gate, they should be in orbit within the next hour. They are awaiting your command to stand down, or else they will be pursuing Gustali's ship as it leaves Capital."

"Excellent, everything is in place then."

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