Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Capital - Narana 2

The Council chambers were mostly full, with only a few chairs sitting empty. Representatives from hundreds of star systems were in attendance, from across the Alliance.

Seated on an elevated platform in the center of the room was a blue skinned humanoid, his long white beard braided with beads of gold, and a great lavender colored turban seated upon his head. He pointed a silver gavel and spoke. "The Proconsul's seat acknowledges Lady Narana Calisda, Representative of Rasmirra."

All eyes turned toward the diminutive woman, standing behind her podium, a blue android standing beside her. She cleared her throat and spoke. "Representatives, I stand before you today, not in my own interests, not in the interests of my people, but instead as a citizen of the Alliance."

Many of the collected individuals looked at one another, and several others that had been carrying on quiet conversations with their assistants stopped and turned their gaze upon the young woman.

"The outer colony of Ridjal was attacked over two weeks ago, a mere twenty light years from my own home of Rasmirra. We only learned of the attack when shipments of ore were not delivered on time, and thus we launched an investigation. As you can all see from the images and sensor data that I just sent, the colony was destroyed. A survey team descended to the surface and found no traces of survivors. Nearly three thousand people were slaughtered."

With that, the council chambers erupted into a roar of questions and conversations all taking place at once. The Proconsul banged his gavel and the room went silent. The Proconsul turned his golden gaze upon her, and spoke, "Please continue, Representative Calisda."

She cleared her throat, "The results of our investigation were largely inconclusive, although the data gathered has been forwarded to all of you for further analysis. My request is that others also perform their own investigations, perhaps a different process might reveal something that was missed. Thank you."

The Proconsul nodded and began stroking his beard while his assistant, a fellow Oraed-Shai wearing lavender robes and bearing a shaven head, spoke into his ear. The Proconsul nodded and addressed the Council, "It is our understanding that something atrocious has occurred, the perpetrators being unknown. Speaking for the entirety of the Alliance, an act of this nature is horrendous, and needs to be rectified immediately. A jump ship will be prepared upon conclusion of this session, and interested parties may contact the Office of Justice about lending assistance. If there are no other statements, the Proconsul moves to end the session."

As the gavel rang out a final time after a few moments of silence, Narana looked down for a moment, concealing a smirk. She looked up to see Five staring at her with his unblinking eye.

"Your shuttle is arranged to take you to the jump gate. Shall we send for your personal belongings to meet you at the shuttle pad?"

"Yes, Five, that would be suitable. I cannot wait to return to Rasmirra."