The Distant Skies project is a collaborative effort by a collection of writers and artists to design and develop a science fiction role playing game.

For years we have been given the opportunity to witness some truly amazing works of science fiction broadcast on television or shown in the movie theaters. Unfortunately, few of these works received transitions into role playing games, allowing us to take part of characters living within those settings we had been introduced to. What was even more tragic was that many of those that had been transitioned to a role playing system were done so poorly, and thus games were often unplayable or barely represented the works that they were based upon.

Listed below are a number of our inspirations, although the list is by no means exhaustive and we're always looking for new television shows and movies in the same vein.

Babylon 5 - perhaps the series that is most inspirational to this project, the sheer amount of alien species, the technological disparity between some of the races, and the political maneuvering was simply awe inspiring and continues to amaze us long after the show ended.

Firefly/Serenity - the gritty lack of wondrous technology and the sheer vastness of space portrayed, as well as the freedom the crew had to explore their surroundings without being beholden to an external chain of command is what causes us to repeatedly rewatch the series in it's entirety.

Predators - the harshness of an alien planet, along with the mindset of an alien race intent on hunting their prey was compelling, not to mention the technology they develop to engage in the hunt.

Judge Dredd - even the Stallone movie managed to invoke a sense of life in a brutal dystopia where overcrowding and rampant crime forced the police force to enact harsh enforcement.

Riddick/Pitch Black - the entire series involving the character has focused on a gritty setting with inhospitable worlds.

Titan A.E. - the sheer amount of interesting species, as well as the rogue characters made this animated movie stand out.

Starchaser - an animated film from the mid-80's, it was similar to Star Wars, but focused less on space wizards, and had a great deal more of an adult-theme.

The Alien Series - humanity's exploration of space brings them into contact with an extraterrestrial species that is the ultimate predator.

Mass Effect - the vast cosmos, the minor skirmishes between races, and finally a looming threat of complete annihilation make this game series one of our main video game inspirations.

Halo - many of the same inspirations from Mass Effect also apply for the Halo series.

Dead Space - the effect that finding precursor alien technology may have upon the psyche and physiology of those unlucky enough to uncover them is something we would like to touch upon.

GTA Series - while not science fiction, the ability to work your way up a ladder to become the head of a criminal syndicate is quite inspiring in writing the setting to allow for such play style.