Capital System (F6 V Yellow Main Sequence)
Orbit Number: 4
Planet Type: Class M
Satellites: 0
Orbital Period: 495 days
Equatorial Radius: 6,527 km
Equatorial Surface Gravity: 0.97 G
Rotation Period: 24.9 hours
Average Surface Temperature: 14 C
Population: 22 trillion

    Located in the heart of the Alliance, the ecumenopolis of Capital serves as the seat of government, and a massive hub for commerce. Visitors from all across the galaxy arrive to conduct business or become involved in politics that shape the cosmos.
    The planet was once little more than a barren rocky world, transformed thousands of years ago by the Oread-Shai and an army of millions of androids. Building up from the rocky mantle of the world, the spires of Capital reach upward to dizzying heights, casting the surface below in perpetual shadow only lit with the flicker of artificial lights. Trillions of residents and visitors go about their business constantly, treading through corridors and passages that have seen countless footsteps.
    The sky above if filled with the passage of shuttles and freighters, delivering cargo and passengers across the planet, or escorting them to facilities in geosynchronous orbit around the planet. The planet requires a massive amount of resources shipped in on a regular basis to support the staggering population and vast infrastructure.

Elirius System (A3 VI White Subdwarf)
Orbit Number: 4
Planet Type: Class M (orbiting a Class J)
Orbital Period: 698 days
Equatorial Radius: 5824 km
Equatorial Surface Gravity: 1.02 G
Rotation Period: 27.6 hours
Average Surface Temperature: 16 C
Population:  80 million

    The large moon of a gas giant, the geothermal vents provide the planet of Dastropol with a suitable ambient temperature that made it a target for colonization, and the planet's mass provided suitable gravity. After nearly a century of terraforming, the moon was made habitable, as the ground was covered in hardy grasses and mosses that converted the high carbon dioxide content into breathable air.
    The inhabitants largely work on hydrogen and helium mining of the gas giant. The moon also supplies food to the rest of the system harvested from large hydroponic gardens that dot the surface, and those few that are not involved in the mining process are farmers.
    Numerous harvester platforms float in the upper atmosphere of the gas giant, constantly refining hydrogen and helium into more concentrated forms. The workers often live aboard the platforms for weeks at a time, before returning to their families living on Dastropol. Freighters often transit between the moon and the floating platforms, delivering needed goods from outside the system, transporting supplies from the planet to the platforms, and leaving the system with refined gasses.   Pirate activity between the jump gate and the moon has always been an issue, and several armed system defense corvettes are constantly in orbit around the gas giant and the jump gate.

Stalovria System (K0 V Orange Main Sequence)
Orbit Number: 2
Planet Type: Class M
Satellites: 1
Orbital Period: 482 days
Equatorial Radius: 5650 km
Equatorial Surface Gravity: 0.96 G
Rotation Period: 39.4 hours
Average Surface Temperature:  14 C
Population: 850 million

    Due to an unusual amount of solar activity, resulting in solar storms and flares that damaged electronics, the planet was colonized and only sparsely populated for centuries. The colonists were largely members of various factions of religious extremists looking for seclusion and existing in a traditionalist society that eschewed technology.
    Parts of the planet slowly came to be inhabited by fleeing criminals seeking a place to hide where it was difficult to be located. A hijacked prison ship landed on the surface and disgorged several thousand convicts. Due to the colonists insular nature, they became easy prey for some of the most violent and ruthless criminals in the cosmos.
    Over the past few decades the planet has become less of a religious refuge and more of a criminal haven. A number of tyrants have arisen upon the planet, creating lawless empires of oppression reinforced by swift violence. The natives had little recourse to resist, and due to the lack of technology on the surface, there was little hope in sending out a plea for outside assistance.
    While the plight of the planet has come to the attention of a number of members of the Great Council, there is little to offer any potential liberators. Thus the planet continues to exist as a world cursed by constant strife between various criminal factions.

Yresia System (F3 V Yellow Main Sequence)
Orbit Number: 3
Planet Type: Class Q (previously Class M)
Satellites: 0
Orbital Period: 446 days
Equatorial Radius: 5952 km
Equatorial Surface Gravity: 0.99 G
Rotation Period: 43.7 hours
Average Surface Temperature:  30 C
Population:  32 million

    Once the home to billions, the planet has since become a cruel windswept desert with crumbling ruins standing like tombstones above the sands. Several centuries ago a slight shift in the climate, believed to be caused by a combination of failed terraforming process and industrial pollution caused wide scale devastation. Coupled with numerous viral incidents, the inhabitants that survived sought to flee the planet.
    Since that time the planet has become home to scavengers and several extremist groups, many of which have become accustomed to the hostile environment.